About us

JerseyZone is a company specialized in the sale of soccer clothing since 2016,
developed by a team of football enthusiasts. We are based mainly in UK.
Our jerseys are of a similar quality to jerseys sold 3 times more expensive elsewhere, they are not jerseys from China, all our jerseys are manufactured in Thailand, in the same plants as the expensive ones.

Our initial mission was to provide fans with access to unique and exciting products that were previously only available in local markets scattered around the world. As brands became aware that people were following more than just local teams, we were able to source all over the world and expand our product line.

As we expand, we will continue to develop our product line and services to meet the demands of the 21st century consumer in a globalized world. To date, we have shipped products to over 90 countries, and through significant logistical investments and constant redesign of our websites, JerseyZone remains at the forefront of internet retailing standards.

We are highly regarded for our quality products and quality service. Through our efforts, the company has gradually grown. We now wish to develop online sales and have therefore created this website.
In order to provide consumers with quality products, our company collaborates with quality factories for online sales and then directly sells high quality products from the manufacturers.

The product manufacturers are carefully selected by us and can produce good products. Only when the product is approved for the consumer do we work with the factory.
We also hope to sell quality products to consumers online and provide good service so that consumers are satisfied. This is the goal of our company.

You can contact us to get more information about our company in the contact us section.